Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes with Emily. Find out what her inspiration was behind this collection and the reasons behind the location for the shoot.

Behind the Scenes
With Fine Jeweller Emily Richardson

The Dali Shoot

The concept of the collection was derived from my interest in Salvador Dali and love of his paintings. I often draw inspiration from iconic characters throughout history, mainly in the arts and film, who stand out as extravert characters that are remembered for their persona, creations and effect on society.Tim Walker’s photographic images were an inspiration as I love his theatrical story telling approach and his romanticism and extravagant staging chimed with my own visualisation for this collection. I wanted to create a story, so we divided the shoot into four parts: The clock, the rose, the butterfly and the cloud, each with their own suitable location and narrative.

The shoot was held at the wonderful Swanton Morley Studios in Norfolk which I choose for its unique locations within beautiful grounds that suited the collection perfectly. The conditions were great. We chased butterflies, balanced on ladders, and got the clouds without the rain! It was a tiring but successful day.

I choose a highly creative team to work with me on the shoot. Tori Hancock the photographer and Elinor Skrupski the model with glowing red hair! Dominka Kroczak was on makeup and hair styling. I wanted to take a fresh approach to the shoot visualising the scenes as art to create a story rather than just a commercial shoot. I hope you like the finished results as much as we did creating them